DW-P8 echo & 4D portable color doppler ultrasound

Portable type all digital color Doppler ultrasonic mainframe



Abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, heart, urinary system, small organs, superficial, blood vessels, pediatrics, newborns, musculoskeletal

Probes:Convex probe, Tran-vaginal probe, Linear probe, Micro-convex probe, Cardiac probe,4D Volume probe

Applications and report:

Abdominal,OB,GYN,Cardiac,Urinary,Small Parts,Superficial, Vascular, Pediatrics, Advanced measurement software packages, report software packages, case management software packages, etc.

carotid artery intima measurement thickness(IMT)

Automatic spectral envelope measurement

Full digital transmission and reception of beam synthesizer

Color Doppler imaging(C)

Pulse Doppler Imaging(PW)

DW-P8 echo & 4D portable color doppler ultrasound

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