Company Milestone

  • 2012

    “Tegsh Tsagaan" LLC

    “Tegsh Tsagaan" LLC was established. Tegsh Tsagaan LLC's operation was distributing medical equipment, supply, and accessories to hospitals, as well as operating dental offices.

  • 2017

    Goldenmed LLC

    "Goldenmed" LLC was established. In accordance with a directive from the Ministry of Health of Mongolia "To supply medical equipment, tools, accessories ХХ-17/23/3610", “Goldenmed LLC” was awarded the special license. Since then Goldenmed LLC has been operating medical equipment, tools, and accessories supply. Meanwhile, Tegsh Tsagaan LLC has transferred its right to the special license to Goldenmed LLC.

  • 2018

    Goldenmed LLC in 2018

    After transferring its special license to Goldenmed LLC, Tegsh Tsagaan LLC's sole purpose is changed to the operating dental office.

  • 2019

    Present day

    Goldenmed LLC provides gynaecian, surgical, abdomen, and rehabilitation hospitals the necessary tools and equipment for diagnosis, and treatment.

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